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Aktiviti dan Kejayaan GMI

3 Disember 2007

GMI telah mengiringi keluarga tahanan ISA Singapura, Puan Norani Abdul Rahman dan Siti Atiqah, anaknya, ke Kedutaan Singapura untuk menyerahkan salinan surat yang telah dihantar kepada Menteri di sana.

Tahanan ISA yang dimaksudkan ialah Sdr Muhammad Ismail Anwarul yang dahulunya ditahan di bawah ISA di Malaysia selama 4 tahun tetapi kemudiannya telah diusir (deported) ke Singapura pada tahun 2006.

GMI tidak dapat bertemu dengan pegawai kedutaan tetapi telah tetap menyerahkan surat tersebut kepada mereka melalui kakitangan keselamatan. Turut hadir ialah kakak Sdr Ismail iaitu Puan Fatma.

Pengerusi GMI ketika mengiringi keluarga Pn Noraini ke kedutaan Singapura. Mereka telah tidak mendapat layanan yang sewajarnya walaupun appointment cuba dibuat berkali-kali. Hanya dapat menyerahkan surat di pondok pengawal. Pn Noraini datang jauh dari Johor semata untuk tujuan ini.

Di bawah adalah surat yang ditulis oleh Pn Noraini yang menceritakan tentang pengalaman hidupnya.
Alhamdulillah...selepas pertemuan tersebut...akhirnya setelah 6 tahun merengkok di penjara di bawah akta ISA..berkat usaha yang tidak kenal jemu pada Februari 2008 suami Pn Noraini dibebaskan.
28th Nov 2007.

Dr Yaacob Ibrahim,
Minister for the Environment and Water Resources,
And Minister in ­-charge- of Muslim Affairs,
Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources,
Environment Building,
40 Scotts Road,
#24- 00 Singapore 228231.

Dear Sir,

Re: An Appeal to Get An Immediate Released of ISA Detainee Muhammad Ismail bin Anuwarul.
I am writing to strongly urge you to release my husband, Muhammad Ismail Anuwarul who has been detained under the Internal Security Act(ISA) since January 3rd 2002.

My name is Norani Binti Abdul Rahman. I am a Malaysian and I was married to Muhammad Ismail Anuwarul 47 , a Singaporean , in 1988.Muhammad Ismail is a taxi driver by profession .We have seven healthy kids comprised Tirmizi 19,Norshuhada 17,Atikah 16,Syamil 13,Rahmat 11, Sumayyah 10 and Nasrul 6.We live in Ulu Tiram, Johore Bharu.

Muhammad Ismail is a very loving and caring husband .Eventhough we don’t have much money, we live happily.Whenever he has his free time,he will try to entertain our kids, individually. As we have a large number of children, Ismail has to work harder to make sure the kids will get proper food and education.I am a full time house wife where my job is to take care of the house as well as the kids.

The nightmare in our family began early one morning when a group of police officers ,some of them in uniform, came to my house and searched the whole area..I remembered vividly, it was 7.45am, 3rd January 2002, some of the kids were still sleeping and some of them were awakened by the police officers that raided their rooms. At 10 am,they took my husband away.I was asked to follow my husband to the police station eventhough at that time, I was not well due to my seven months pregnancy of my youngest child, Nasrul- now aged 6.

At the police station, both my husband and I were interrogated by the police officer in charged.We were interrogated from 10.30am to 2.30pm in Johor Bharu Police Station.At 3pm, I was sent home by one of the police personnels.Later I learnt that my husband was alledged as the member of Jemaah Islamiyyah (JI) .One of the police officers informed that under the ISA, Muhammad Ismail had to be put under the police remand at least for sixty days.

Upon hearing this, I knelt on the floor and cried.Tears kept rolling down my cheeks each time my kids asked , when their father would be back home from the police station.I also had sleepless nights thinking where and how to get money for the family because Muhammad Ismail was taken away by the police leaving me behind with no insurance or saving account.He had a few hundreds in his wallet and of course the amount was far from enough for us to survive.In predicament, I gathered my strength to cook Malay dishes and sold them at a stall not far from my house.

Two months after the arrest, I was informed that the authority needed to interrogate him more and therefore he would be sent to Kem Kamunting in Taiping, which is situated in Northern Perak. The day he was sentenced the first two year detention in ISA, I gave birth to my youngest child, Nasrul. I asked the officer incharged to send him to the ward where I had labour, but…. instead of giving the chanced for him to see the baby, they hurriedly sent him to Kamunting Detention Camp. Poor Nasrul. I couldn’t stopped the tears as I hold and kissed him, who was borned without his father by his side.

These nightmares caused trauma to my children and me .The trauma continues until now.Actually, from day one of the arrest to this date, I am leaving on my friends and families.My income is not enough for the children.They are growing and I need a lot of money for their food and education.Let the children alone, I also need extra money to visit my husband in Taiping.The visit to the Camp gave me extra headache because it’s very costly.I need at least RM300 for the bus fare and the food throughout the journey.

From 2002 to 2006, I traveled from Johor Bharu to the North once in four or five months to see Muhammad Ismail.I couldn’t tell you how much the kids and me missed him … but nothing could be done as we had not much money to visit him frequently.
In 2006,the kids and I were overjoyed to hear that Muhammad Ismail was released from the Kemunting Camp. But the joy did not remained longer when later, I was informed by the Malaysian authority that my husband would be sent to Singapore Detention Center to serve the ISA of Singapore.

From day one of the arrest, Muhammad Ismail had never been brought to court to get a fair trial before a judge.He only had the chance to see the advisory board. And now , he had been serving his detention for almost two years in Singapore Detention Center. I am in the position to demand that Muhammad Ismail should be given recourse to a fair trial in conformity with international standards of due process with access to full legal representation and family members.I believe he is against any act of terrorism,whether perpetuated by Muslim or Non Muslim.But if no evidence is found against him, he should be released without delay. As holding him indefinitely merely on the basis of suspicion is a blatant violation of due process.

I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Norani Binti Abd Rahman.

Cc: . Mr T. Jasudasen
High Commissioner of Singapore to Malaysia
209 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur


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