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No evidence...of SODOMY-Malaysiakini

Berita dari Malaysiakini....moga terserlah segala yang tidak benar dan fitnah..
Allah lah yang paling sempurna perancanganNya...Manusia jangan terlalu ingat mereka boleh terlepas dari perancangan yang Allah tentukan. Kenapa manusia masih mahu membuat DUSTA dan Fitnah??

Doctor: No evidence of sodomy
Beh Lih Yi and P Tarani Jul 28, 08 1:36pm

There is no evidence that Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan was sodomised, according to the doctor who examined him four hours before he lodged a police report alleging he was sexually assaulted by PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim.

It is believed that Anwar's former aide Saiful went to two different hospitals on June 28 - the day he lodged the police report claiming that he was sodomised by his ex-boss.

He first went to Hospital Pusrawi (Pusat Rawatan Islam) in Jalan Tun Razak - a government-linked Islamic medical institution - at about 2pm.
According to a copy of the two-page medical report obtained by malaysiakini yesterday, Saiful went to the hospital complaining of 'tenesmus' - a medical term for difficulty and pain in passing motion.

He was examined by Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid, the medical officer on duty.
The doctor said that the patient had alleged he was assaulted by the intrusion of a piece of "plastic" in the anus.

Mohamed Osman, according to his medical report which was recorded at 2.14pm, found "zero active bleeding", "zero ulcer or pus", "zero tear and scar" in Saiful's anus.

He also stated that Saiful appeared "alert", "comfortable", "not pale" and did not show any fever symptoms.

A senior Pusrawi official told malaysiakini this morning that the hospital had launched an internal investigation on how Saiful's medical report was leaked, which is widely considered as a major infringement of patient privacy.

When malaysiakini showed him a copy of the report, he refused to return it saying, "It's our document."

A check at the emergency unit where Mohamed Osman is attached revealed that he has taken leave since last week.

Meanwhile, Pusrawi general manager Wan Mahmood Wan Yaacob refused to comment on the matter.

Conflicting medical reports
Mohamed Osman, in his report's concluding remarks, advised Saiful to go to a government hospital so as "to rule out" assault and sodomy.

At 6pm on that day, Saiful went to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for his second medical examination. He subsequently lodged a report against Anwar at the police beat at the hospital.

According to an expert who has dealt with rape and sodomy cases, the victim must provide a second medical examination in a government hospital.

This expert said the court will only accept evidence from a government hospital but the first medical examination must collaborate with the second report, otherwise this could be challenged during the trial.

"From the report, the doctor had failed to find any evidence to support the patient's complaint. That was why he asked the patient to go to a government hospital to conclusively rule out assault or sodomy," said the expert who requested anonymity.

It is learnt that the police have recorded statements from Mohamed Osman after Saiful lodged the report against Anwar.

The doctor was said to be under tremendous stress as a result of the police interrogation and was advised by the hospital to take leave.
(Semoga Dr Mohamed Osman selamat bersama keluarga..semoga Allah memberikan mereka kekuatan untuk berpegang teguh kepada kebenaran dan janji mereka sebagai seorang Doktor Muslim yang beriman dan bertakwa)
Mohamed Osman, a Burmese Muslim, has 20 years of experience as a doctor. He previously worked in government hospitals before joining Pusrawi about a year ago.

Efforts by Malaysiakini to contact Saiful have not been successful.When contacted, Saiful's lawyer Zamri Idrus said that he would not respond to the latest development. "I am not going to comment (on the matter) because the investigations are still going on." When pressed whether Saiful had issued an instruction not to react to the issue, Zamri repeated “no comment”.


Anonymous said...

Extracted from RPK's article:

"The doctor’s diagnosis is that he rules out or TRO (to rule out) assault (sodomised). In short: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan is not suffering any pain in the anus and neither was he assaulted or sodomised in the anus"

This is the telling paragraph amidst all that hysteria. Read it carefully and reflect on the emotional thinking processes that makes the jump from TO RULE OUT towards HE RULES OUT.
One is on action to be taken and the other is on action already taken.

How can these two ever be the same?

And then on towards the breathtaking sentence following this faulty inference.

"In short: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan is not suffering any pain in the anus and neither was he assaulted or sodomised in the anus"

Oh Yeah? Says who?

Anonymous said...

I do not beleive Anwar can and will do such a despical act. Somebody in authority try to finish him in order to keep their crimes like corruptions, murder of an innocent lady etc.. and their wealth they robbed from the rakyat.
As I hv said we hv a bunch of AHs who plunder the country wealth in the guise of protecting their own race n religion. Sickening!!

Nostradamus said...

1. Anwar commit Sodomy? He can’t because you have to ask the wife.

2. Najib really did not know Altantuya cos he is also not a sodomizer. He likes it straight. Ask his sleeping partner.

3. It’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so said by every accused in any court of any land. Do you not believe in men when they swear in the name of God, Allah, Yahweh etc?

More facts at

cynic said...

I believe there are fairies at the bottom of my garden. Does that make it true?

Neeza Shahril said...

agak2nya, camanalah akhbar arus perdana nak laporkan benda ni.. mesti senyap aje lah tu.. tak pun reka something yang lebih lawak..

Anonymous said...

Now with the cat out of the bag, Sinfool (Saiful) has really screwed himself in his arse!

ummu asiah said...

Thank u all for the comments..not all Malaysian are lucky to get this kind of news. Most of them are feed with the news from the mainstream media which never will produce this kind of news. Just imagine if this news appear in the front page of UM or BH???...but i am also very sure that ramai rakyat malaysia yang waras will not belive this sodomy story. If only they knew that the mother of Saiful's fiancee is Mumtaz who is also the PA of Rosmah..najib's wife...isn't it too obvious???

Anyway it is not all about Anwar Ibrahim, the most important thing is the very important system in Malaysia...sistem kehakiman, polis dan pemerintah kita sendiri yang jahat dan korup perlu di get rid off!!!

Pp said...

ummu asiah :-)

i wazz here...marking attendance!

May the truth prevails


ummu asiah said...


Thank u..i received a lot of attendance for this be i should create a new blog concentrating on 'news that matter'.....hopefully dapat share maklumat kepada yg tak sempat browse all the news espc breaking news from mkini which is available only to subscriber...must polish my english first.:)