Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Top Post...on No Evidence... :-)

On Monday my blog received the highest rate of hits and visitors, almost 800 hits in few hours time...wow...not that I am proud of it or high above the sky but frankly I was very surprised. Therefore on Tuesday I clicked Feedijit to check the visitors and found out that most of them came from Mkini news website. I then clicked Mkini and then only i realised that....if we mentioned the word Mkini, our entry in our blog will be detected by the news website...

"Mkini uses Google's search engine to trawl blogosphere to pick up any posting which mentions the word 'Mkini'.

If your blog posting has the keyword 'Mkini', it is likely to be captured by the search engine and will automatically appear in our 'Mkini in Blogs' section.

However, a number of bloggers have abused this function by inserting the word 'Mkini' even though their posts have nothing to do with Malaysiakini or our reports. Others have cut-and- paste Mkini reports into their blogs. This is lazy blogging.

Due to complaints of this abuse, Mkini reserves the right to remove such blogsites from the 'Mkini in Blogs' section."

I really do not know about this..next time I have to be very careful, I do not want to be labelled as 'lazy blogging'. My intention when I came across the news was just to share and convey the report to all who read my blog...because I am very sure that this news will not be published in the government owned media. As well as only those who subsrcibed to mkini can read the whole report.

And now I am thinking about creating a new blog on news that matters...to share the relevant and important news that affect us Malaysian especially with the current political scenarios...but then, I have to be ready to receive all kind of comments from all kind of people..but hopefully i will not fall into the trap of "akta hasutan"... :-)

I hope this entry will not be captured again..but it is full of the word Mkini...apa-apa je lah..i did not write anything bad about them...afterall I have been their loyal subsriber since 2004..my photos together with my girls banyak juga being captured by their photographers :-)
The photos below are from Malaysiakini Photo Gallery during Petro Hike Demo or well known as Bloody Sunday..My daughter Asiah...ini cerita selingan saja....
(Asiah frightened and crying after both os us have been pushed by the FRUs..being comforted by a friend Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh, Pengerusi GMI and Merdeka Review reporter Hong Siang)..as for me..dah terjatuh di belakang atas jambangan bunga..
Ini semasa 'berperang' dengan FRU di tengah jalan...I was trying to help our friend Zahir Hassan and his family dari diserang oleh FRU...nampak kecil saja di belakang..a girl with the pink tudung..and myself carrying her

Ini Asiah lagi..cucur kodok yg dibeli di awal pagi masih digenggam erat di tangan.


Neeza Shahril said...

patutlah neeza tengok comment dari orang pelik2 kat blog akak baru2 ni.. hehee.. rupanya cam tu kisah dia.. barulah neeza tahu. lepas ni neeza kena restrain dari sebut that word hehee..

ummu asiah said...

ha ah neeza..hati-hati bila quote apa2 nanti...bahaya...hari ni dah tak ramai ziarah..dah kena block kot..he..he..anyway sempat la perasan sekali...

ZLAA said...

Chit, I prefer you put everything in this one blog. By just one link, you can read everything and there's varieties. Kalau banyak link, kot2 tak terziarah. Sekadar cadangan. Anyway, its up to you. It's your blog.

ummu asiah said...


thanks..tu la berangan saja..nak maintain one blog pun bukannya senang..yang penting nak share cerita dan maklumat kan..tq