Thursday, 5 February 2009

Sultan agrees to 'unity' gov't led by BN?

Feb 5, 09 10:25am

1.05pm: Mohd Nizar leaves the palace. He waved and smiled at reporters. He just said: “Good signs. Alhamdulliah.”

12.50pm: Najib is presently chairing an Umno meeting in Ipoh where the choice of the new menteri besar is being discussed. He is expected to call for a press conference within the next hour.

12.40pm: There is an indication that Sultan Azlan Shah will allow Barisan Nasional to form a state government with the participation of three independents.It is learnt that the sultan met with the four defectors at Istana Kinta this morning.The four had accompanied Najib to the palace during the deputy prime minister's second visit to see the sultan. BN's 28 state representatives were also present.Malaysiakini also learnt that the sultan had asked the four defectors if they would support a unity government headed by BN.
Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar is still in a meeting with sultan.

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