Sunday, 15 February 2009

“Three JI ISA Detainees Released”

“Three JI ISA Detainees Released”
Saturday, 14 February 2009

1. Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) was informed that three detainees who were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) accused to be the members of militant group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) were released on Thursday, 12 February 2009.
The detainees were:
Suhaimi Bin Mokhtar – Detained In December 2001.
Zaini Zakaria – Detained in August 2003.
Mohammad Khaidir Khadran – Detained in April 2004

2. Suhaimi was detained for more than 7 years without trial. Zaini Zakaria, more than 5 years and Mohammad Khaidir for more than 4 years. Suhaimi, when contacted, claimed that his release was not due to him being loyal to all rules and regulations set by Kamunting Detention Camp (Kemta) or the authorities, but it is due to the will of God. He was sad to think that there are several others who are also accused as members of JI, serving more or close to seven years, but are still in a state of uncertainty of their release.

3. GMI welcomes the release of the detainees who were not proven guilty in any court of justice. We believe the release of the three is the results of persistent and continuous campaigns to demand for the release of detainees, the abolition of the ISA and the closing of Kemta. The “Free 6-years ISA detainees” campaign (Kempen Bebaskan Tahanan 6-tahun ISA) launched last year was also one of the main factors that catalyzed the process of their release.

4. GMI, however, believes the release is long overdue. The detainees have never been tried in an open court. Their alleged activities with JI have never been proven. In fact not a shed of evidence has been brought forward in the long period when they were detained. All in the name of national security.

5. GMI is annoyed by the conditional and selective release of the ISA detainees as there are four other detainees who are still being detained in Kemta for the same allegations. They are:

1. Mat Sah B. Mohd Satray – Detained in April 2002
2. Shamsudin Sulaiman – Detained in April 2002
3. Zainon Rashid – Detained in June 2002
4. Dr Abdullah Daud – Detained in December 2001

6. GMI wishes to highlight that besides the four remaining alleged JI detainees, there are currently 40 ISA detainees occupying the old blocks in Kemta. They are labeled by the Home Minister as Darul Islam (DI), Hindraf, Foreign Intelligence Agents and others.

7. In line with US’s move to shut down Guantanamo Bay Camp, GMI wishes to point out to the government that the ISA and the Kamunting detention camp in Malaysia is no better than Guantanamo Bay camp. Many are detained arbitrarily and without trial under the ISA for many years. Mental and physical torture existed. Calling for fair trial and release of the two Malaysian Guantanamo detainees, while on the other hand denying the rights to trial of detainees in our own country only exposes the government’s hypocrisy.

8. GMI reiterates that punishing or detaining people without giving them any opportunity to defend themselves is barbaric. Uncivilized laws that permit detention without trial goes against the principles of democracy and should be abolished.

9. All ISA detainees should be released or be charged in the courts. ISA should be abolished and Kemta should be closed.

Abolish ISA!
Release All ISA Detainees!
Close Down Kamunting Detention Camp!

Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh


Fakhzan Marwan said...


are u ok kak? :D

ummu asiah said...


Thank u..tapi as d detainee said jugak..the release is long overdue..memang zalim..

He..Alhamdulillah..kami sekeluarga okay..bouncing even harder...

Aku oku! said...

Alhamdulillah. bila lah yg lain akan dibebaskan. ada SB tel kami tanya pasal program GMI akan dtg. kami ckp tak tahu....

ummu asiah said...


wah bukan main SB ni dok mencari berita...bodohnya SB tu..telefon la sekretariat GMI di SUARAM...

hah...tak perlu ada apa-apa program pun kezaliman ISA tetap dibongkarkan di mana-mana..

bagus bagus bagus..jgn layan SB...

dah ada SB pun menyusup dalam chatbox kat sini...

Neeza Shahril said...

Alhamdulillah.. Allah maha pengasih.. ada lagi yang masih di dalam.. semoga Allah bukakan hati mereka yang zalim itu untuk melepaskan kesemuanya..

ummu asiah said...


mmg benar masih ramai those yg ditahan lebih dari 7 tahun..mereka seolah tidak lagi mengharap dan meletakkan sepenuh harapan..semuanya adalah dengan IZIN ALLAH jua..keluarga di luar yang lebih terseksa...berapa lama lagi harus seorang isteri setia menanti..thats y ada yg mengambil keputusan drastik dan terpaksa memohon fasakh...apa nak dikata