Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Perjuangan akan diteruskan: GMI bags Suaram's human rights award-Malaysiakini.

Alhamdulillah...Syukur kepada Allah di atas pengiktirafan ini...GMI ditubuhkan pada 30hb April 2001 setelah 10 orang aktivis masyarakat dan ahli politik ditangkap di bawah ISA . Hingga kini GMI masih lagi berterusan berusaha agar semua tahanan ISA dibebaskan segera dan ISA dimansuhkan.

Menjadi anggota Jawatankuasa GMI secara lansung apabila bersama-sama berusaha keras memastikan ke semua tahanan ISA dibebaskan sejak hari pertama ke semua 10 orang tahanan REFORMASI ditangkap pada 10hb April 2001. Ketika itu anak yang paling kecil , Asiah ,baru berusia 2 bulan...Alhamdulillah.

Saya telah tidak dapat bersama di dalam majlis tersebut kerana perlu bersiap sedia untuk bermusafir. Lansung tidak tahu menahu tentang award ini sehingga menerima sms pada jam 11.30 malamnya dari Puan Aliza dan Puan Norlaila yang telah hadir ke majlis tersebut. GMI MENANG!!!!. Alhamdulillah...satu pengiktirafan seperti yang disebut panjang lebar di dalam keratan berita di bawah dipetik dari Malaysiakini.

InsyaAllah perjuangan pasti akan diteruskan.

GMI bags Suaram's human rights award

The Abolish ISA Movement picked up the 2009 Suaram Human Rights Award for its tireless campaign against the controversial law that allows detention without trial.

It beat four other contenders at Suaram's 11th annual human rights awards ceremony held in Petaling Jaya over the weekend.

Better known by its Malay acronym GMI, the movement is a coalition of 83 organisations formed in 2001 that aims to have the ISA repealed.

NONEThe coalition etched its biggest milestone this year when a large group of ISA detainees was freed from detention, followed by a mass rally on Aug 1 to protest against the law.

In the later half of the year, the government conceded that the ISA, designed to combat communist insurgents in 1960, required amendments to meet present demands.

NONEThe award was received by the movement's most recognisable face, Norlaila Othman, whose husband Mat Sah Mohd Satray was incarcerated for seven years, accused of involvement with religious militancy, a claim that was never proven.

Speaking to reporters later, Norlaila said even though her husband has been released, she vowed to keep GMI going until the ISA is no more.

"Sometimes, we do feel fatigued, but the struggle must go on because we represent Malaysians who want ISA abolished," said the teacher turned activist.

Keeping the fire burning

To stress how unjust the ISA can be, Norlaila lamented that her husband was unable to attend this significant event, or enjoy normal civilian life.

NONEA former technician at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Mat Sah's strict release conditions includes a 9pm curfew and restriction of movement to the Gombak area.

He also has to report to the police once a week until June 29 next year.

GMI was among the five groups shortlisted for Suaram's annual Human Rights Award. The four other groups were:

  • Kampung Lebor Action Committee from Serian, Sarawak
  • Bukit Koman Anti-Cyanide Mining Committee, Pahang
  • Movement to abolish the policy of teaching Science and Maths in English (GMP)
  • Jerit 'Ride for Change' cycling campaign

All four runner-ups were given a cilli padi plant to symbolise the necessity for the groups to keep their fiery campaigns burning.

The event was held in conjunction with Suaram's 20th anniversary fundraising dinner at the Petaling Jaya city council hall.

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